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[Beta Test] Errors Pepper

Posted 4857 days ago in by Sam Brown -

Till Kruess’ latest up-and-coming Pepper is a good one and I am surprised it has gone so long without this one being pined for.

Pepper that helps tracking down dead links.

Errors Pepper

An Error tracking Pepper for Mint 2.0+, this supersedes Jeff Miller’s Error Tracker Pepper that was released in September 2005 for Mint 1, yes, Mint really is that old!

This super simple Pepper will track your 403 Forbidden, 404 Not Found & 410 Gone pages that get tracked by Mint allowing you easy access to view which of your error pages gets visited the most often and where they are getting linked from.

Download a beta copy of Errors v0.01Errors Documentation

If you have any suggestions or issues don’t hesitate to contact Till.

[New Pepper] TwitterCounter

Posted 5006 days ago in by Sam Brown -

A second brand new Pepper by Dutch developer Joost de Valk brings your Twitter stats to your Mint install via the Twitter Counter API that Joost helped create.

“This Pepper will display TwitterCounter statistics within Mint.”

TwitterCounter Pepper is a great way to check out your Twitter stats and predicated followers and growth.

[New Pepper] Technorati

Posted 5006 days ago in by Sam Brown -

This is the first of two new Pepper for Mint by Dutch developer Joost de Valk.

“This Pepper shows linking blogs from Technorati, and your current Technorati Authority score.”

The Technorati Pepper is definitely a Pepper worth checking out if Technorati is important to you and your site.

Google Chrome UA007 Detection

Posted 5089 days ago in by Sam Brown -

Update madness a-hoy! Shaun has just updated the User Agent 007 Pepper to v2.05 which now includes Google Chrome browser detection.

Best get all those Mint installs updated post-haste.

[New Pepper] Expose - XML API

Posted 5115 days ago in by Sam Brown -

Adam Livesley the creator of the Firemint extension for Firefox has just released a new Pepper called Expose.

expose pepper opens up mint to provide a simple xml api so your stats can be queried / viewed by a remote client (like firemint).

While this is a great little API extension for Firemint to use, that isn’t to say that it couldn’t be used for anything else. Will be keeping a close eye on how this one develops, be sure to check out the beta version.