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Funnel v0.01

Posted 2 January 2006 in by admin -

Attention: The development of this Pepper seems to have ended.

Brett DeWoody has created a new Pepper, Funnel. Funnel tracks what percentage of users succesfully navigate through a gateway.

Funnel measures traffic through a series of “checkpoint” pages. This is useful for determing the effectiveness and click-through rate of forms, check-out processes and pages linked in a series where a user is supposed to follow a specific path.

It allows only 1 funnel consisting of 2 “checkpoints” I plan to allow more funnels and an unlimited number of “checkpoint” pages in a future release.

Check out Brett DeWoodys page dedicated to Funnel for pictures and more examples. This is an interesting idea and will be great once you are able to create more Funnels, look out for future versions as this is still an early release.

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