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Fresh View v1.10

Posted 9 February 2006 in by Sam Brown -

Kyle Rove has updated his fantastic SVG-Graph creating Fresh View Pepper to v1.10.

The updated Pepper is much more user friendly, no more CHMOD’ing directories, no more need for a cache directory, and Fresh View now requires either CURL library or PHP 5.0.0 and allow_url_fopen = true in php.ini. If your server does not have one, it will try and use the other!

Change Log, v1.10:

- Removed need for writing to files on server (Yay!) by adding CURL / file_get_contents() methods. If one of the needed protocols is not available on your web host, the other is tried. If neither is available, a SVG error is returned.
– Added SVG error messages
– Updated install instructions
– Updated SVG fall-back message for those without SVG capabilities

Fresh View is definitely one of the must have Mint Peppers

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