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Mint v1.27

Posted 15 February 2006 in by Sam Brown -

A little over a month after v1.26 Shaun Inman has released Mint v1.27 with some new upgrades and fixes, this is a recommended upgrade for all regular Mint users. Some of the more important upgrades include:

- Modified js.php to correct incompatibilities with sIFR in IE PC
– Added the Mint: Visits Editor (?visits when logged in)
– Added a $pages array to /config/auto.php which allows Mint to ignore specified pages
– Added trailing slash to Full Serve link in the html returned by $Mint->widget()
– Tweaked installDir to accommodate sloppy mod_rewrite rules

The full Change Log can be read at the Mint Forums.

Also, Display Popular Pages on Your Site

Phil from the Mint Forums has published a quick PHP function that basically scans the visits SQL table and returns a multi-dimensional array which can then be manipulated into HTML. Check out Phils website and article for more details on displaying your Popular Pages on your website.

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