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Mints - Mint Outputs v1.1

Posted 23 May 2006 in by Sam Brown -

Output mint data to your website

Version 1.25 – Last Updated: 1st July 2008.

Download & Edit

Download the connection script, open it up in any text editor and edit your Mint database details. You will need your hostname, username, password, database and Mint prefix that you use to let Mint connect to your database, all of this can be found in /mint/config/db.php.

Upload & Include

Upload the script to your website, it can go anywhere you like, even inside your /mint/ folder. Once you have uploaded the file include it at the very top of the page you want to display the outputs on:

<?php require_once('mint/mints.php'); ?>

Call the outputs

Lastly, include the outputs. So far there are three:

Total Hits/Visits:
<?php echo $totalvisits; ?>

Total Unique Visits:
<?php echo $totalunique; ?>

Top 10 Most Common Searches:
<?php mostcommonsearches(); ?>

Last 5 Referers
<?php lastreferers(); ?>

The Top 10 Most Common Searches ouputs an unordered list with an id of mostcommonsearches, and the Last 5 Referers is an ordered list with an id of lastreferers for your styling pleasure.

That is all, thanks also to Beau & Shaun.

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