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Pepper Mint Style for Mint 2

Posted 15 February 2007 in by Sam Brown -

This is the second Style I have created for Mint 2. There was a request in the Forums for a style that looked like the Preferences screen in Mint, I also love the look of the Preferences and thought I would create such a style.

Pepper Mint Style

Download link and Screenshot are below, simply upload the /pepper_mint/ folder to your /mint/app/styles/ folder and select it within the Preferences! That’s it!

Version 1.00
Initial release – February 15th 2007.
Version 1.01
Fixed several CSS Bugs (Primarly: keys in the Graphs were white text on white background) – February 18th 2007.
Version 1.02
Fixed @import location of base.css file after the /styles/ move in Mint v2.03.
Version 1.03
Added the the Search Button to the images folder that is used by the Secret Crush Pepper.

Download | Screenshot

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