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A Mint Updating Spree Awaits

Posted 7 May 2008 in by Sam Brown -

Hold on tight, this is a big one! Mr Inman has released a monster update to the Peppermill that includes Mint and a bunch of his Pepper, so clear a space in your schedule and get updating.


Some Notes:

The Mint update includes changes to the default Vanilla and Chocolate styles, so this update will require not only the new app folder to uploaded but the styles folder as well.

A new command was created in v2.16. /mint/?recover will repair Pepper data that was previously said to be beyond repair.

Also be sure to remove all of your old Pepper folders from your server (peppername_old) to avoid any further issues.

Roll on automatic updating ala Till’s Sergeant Pepper! I just spent the last 45 minutes updating 10 Mint installs and 33 Pepper. :/

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