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Pepper Developers new and old, Notifications needs a new home

Posted 27 February 2008 in by Sam Brown -

Tony Gumbel creator of the Notifications Pepper is looking for a seasoned or aspiring Pepper Developer with the right knowledge to continue development of his Pepper!

I am the developer of the Notification pepper. I would like to see this pepper updated and receive new features, unfortunately I lack time and coding knowledge.

Over the past few months I have received numerous requests to add additional features, even requests willing to donate which I don’t accept. From the Mint Forum Thread

If anyone is interested in taking over development of the Pepper, you can find Tony’s contact details at his site

New Pepper - Big Total

Posted 22 February 2008 in by Sam Brown -

Sam Parkinson has created his first Pepper for Mint, Big Total.

Big Total will give you a nice big number with either your sites total visits or its total unique visits.

Grab a copy over at Sam Parkinson’s site now.

AdsenseAgg Updated to v1.02

Posted 19 February 2008 in by Sam Brown -

Ernie Oporto has updated his AdsenseAgg Pepper to v1.02.

Displays the last N days of Adsense Activity for the account, up to 2 weeks

This update fixes a few bugs, including a workaround for the new Google Adsense login format and cookie storage location. A recommended upgrade.

Direct Download link to v1.02 | Ernies Blog

New Beta Pepper: Attention Span

Posted 16 February 2008 in by Sam Brown -

Brad Jasper has released a beta of his Pepper, Attention Span.

Attention span shows how sticky your content is by displaying bounce rates and pages per visit information. The higher the pages per visit and lower the bounce rate the stickier your content.

The Pepper has two tabs, one for Bounce Rates and the other for Pages Per Visit. Both vitally important information I never realised I needed until I installed this Pepper. Definitely one to try out folks, and be sure to leave Brad some feedback.

Locations Plus is Out & Free

Posted 13 February 2008 in by Sam Brown -

Till has finally finished and released his Locations+ Pepper and it is free!

It’s not as fast as Locations, but it tracks regions and cities as well.

The locations Database weighs in at a hefty 16MB download which in turn is a 25MB upload to your /mint/pepper/tillkruess/locationsplus/ folder. Fantastic in-depth location analysis is available and this seems to be about as exact as it gets without an overly expensive paid-for database.