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Mint Custom Title, A Minty Wordpress Plugin

Posted 16 January 2008 in by Sam Brown -

After discussing Overriding Page Titles in Mint yesterday Bramus has created a WordPress plugin that does all the hard work for you. Thanks Bramus!

Mint Leaves

Posted 3 December 2007 in by Sam Brown -

I’ll leave this one for Shaun to describe:

Leaves is a dual purpose plugin (but not a Pepper) for Mint that simplifies viewing and comparing multiple Mint installations at a single url. Its two interfaces are device-appropriate views into your many Mints. In MobileSafari, Leaves becomes Junior Mints, a multi-Mint, Junior Mint-like widget. On the desktop, Leaves becomes Monumint, a frame-based multi-column, multi-Mint display. Leaves is a regular Pepper Jekyll and Mint-er Hyde!


Monumint is simply multiple Mints in multiple frames within one page. You can set the value for the maximum number of frames to display thus avoiding horizontal scroll hell, the default of 3 is pretty sufficient and if you have more Mint installs listed then you can select the appropriate one from a drop down menu.


Junior Mints

Junior Mints are like little widgets for MobileSafari and look like so:

Junior Mints

You can get your copy of Mint Leaves from the Peppermill.

I would love to hear what everyone thinks of Mint Leaves, both the desktop and mobile versions, especially those using the desktop version and how many Mints you are squeezing into the one frame?

Mintier - A Movable Type Plugin

Posted 2 September 2007 in by Sam Brown -

Mintier adds a Mint widget to Movable Type 4’s dashboard which allows you to obsess over all your stats from right within MT.

Found via Shaun Inman’s Elsewhere Links, this plugin adds a great resource to the dashboard of MT4. If you’re a Movable Type user and a stat whore this is definitely a plugin for you. Check out the Mintier Plugin for Movable Type.

FireMint v0.58

Posted 6 July 2007 in by Sam Brown -

Adam Livesley has updated his Firefox/Flock Plugin FireMint to v0.58.

You can now get your stats from the beautiful Mint directly in your favourite browsers chrome!

What has changed in this version:

  • Compatibility with Mint v2.11
  • Bug Fix for displaying hits “today”

You will need to update to the latest version

WordPress Plugin - BirdFeederWP

Posted 26 June 2007 in by Sam Brown -

Benjamin Stein has created a better WordPress plugin for Mint users that want to use BirdFeeder to track their RSS Feeds.

Benjamins BirdFeederWP Plugin differs from other plugins in that it supports the three different types of Feeds that WordPress creates:

  • main articles feeds
  • main comment feeds
  • comment feed for particular articles

BirdFeederWP registers the three types of WordPress feeds in all supported flavours with the BirdFeeder plugin and rewrites the article and comment URLs for seed tracking.

Notes: Shaun Inmans BirdFeeder Pepper must be installed before you activate BirdFeederWP from the WordPress plugin panel.