Peppermint Tea

Dark Pepper Mint Style

Posted 2 August 2007 in by Sam Brown -

Alan Edwardes has released a new style for Mint based on my original Pepper Mint Style; Dark Pepper Mint.

Based on the original Pepper Mint Style for Mint 2, this theme has a darker touch to it.

Dark Pepper Mint Style

Download & More Info

Making Mint iPhone Friendly - Update

Posted 23 July 2007 in by Sam Brown -

Richard Herrera has a great little hack for Mint that changes Mints stylesheet on the iPhone allowing you to have the multi-column look in your desktop web browser and a single-column on your iPhone.

Read Richards guide at his site.

The hack is simply to change a couple of lines in the head.php file, instructions on Richards site.

Please let me know if you have tried this and it works, I unfortunately can’t test this over here in the UK.

Update: With Richards approval Shaun has made this into a pane-less Pepper. No more hacking! iPhone Pepper v0.02.

Tufte—A New Style for Mint

Posted 21 May 2007 in by Sam Brown -

Rob Goodlatte has created a new style for Mint 2.0, Tufte.

I’ve just finished and released a new style for Mint 2 called Tufte Mint. It’s inspired by Edward Tufte’s book The Visual Display of Quantitative Information.

Clearmint Style

Download | Screenshot

Massive Blue and Pepper Mint Style Updates

Posted 29 April 2007 in by Sam Brown -

Mike from Flammable Animals just reminded me today that I had yet to update my Mint Styles to include the Search Button that is used by Shaun Inmans updated Secret Crush Pepper.

Both Styles have been updated to Version 1.03 with the included image.

Massive Blue Style
Pepper Mint Style

Clearmint Ice Style for Mint 2

Posted 7 March 2007 in by Sam Brown -

Rusty Mitchell has created a modified version of Astereo’s Clearmint Style for Mint 2 called Clearmint Ice, which has some great changes as well as a new cyan colour.

Clearmint Style

Download | Screenshot