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How to find out when you first installed Mint

Posted 4 September 2007 in by Sam Brown -

This was recently asked on the Mint Forums, is it possible to find the date you first installed Mint and started tracking stats?

Yes, all you need to do is load up and check the Date range begins section at the top of the table.

Date Mint Installed

Not only can you find out the exact date you installed Mint, it even lets you know the hour of the day too!

Making Mint iPhone Friendly - Update

Posted 23 July 2007 in by Sam Brown -

Richard Herrera has a great little hack for Mint that changes Mints stylesheet on the iPhone allowing you to have the multi-column look in your desktop web browser and a single-column on your iPhone.

Read Richards guide at his site.

The hack is simply to change a couple of lines in the head.php file, instructions on Richards site.

Please let me know if you have tried this and it works, I unfortunately can’t test this over here in the UK.

Update: With Richards approval Shaun has made this into a pane-less Pepper. No more hacking! iPhone Pepper v0.02.

Add other tracking code to all of the same pages as Mint

Posted 5 April 2007 in by Sam Brown -

If you are using the Advanced .htaccess Method to add the Mint JavaScript to your pages, it is possible to add your Google Analytics or other tracking JavaScripts at the same time.

Doing this will make sure that your statistics are consistant across the board, as in some cases using the .htaccess Method adds the Mint tracking code to pages that aren’t being tracked by other JavaScript methods.

Simply edit Line 15 of your /mint/config/auto.php file adding any other script tags after the Mint script tag.

Update: Please read the comment Shaun left so there are no misunderstandings regarding consistant numbers across multiple packages.

Moving hosts with Mint Guide

Posted 1 May 2006 in by Sam Brown -

If you are moving your site to a new server here is a quick step-by-step guide to get Mint back up and running:

On the old server

  1. Update to the latest version of Mint
  2. Export the Mint database (Using PHPMyAdmin or similar)
  3. Download your /mint/pepper/ folder

On the new server

  1. Import the Mint database into your new database
  2. Upload Mint to the new server
  3. Upload your /mint/pepper/ folder
  4. Login to Mint then visit

This last step will update the install variables that may be different from server to server.

How to: Exclude Multiple IP Addresses

Posted 28 March 2006 in by Sam Brown -

I get asked this question a lot, perhaps this isn’t as obvious as it could be!

You will need to be using the Advanced Method of adding Mint to your pages described in /mint/?instructions for this to work.

Open & Edit
Open the file /mint/config/auto.php, on Line 17 you can add multiple IP Addresses to be ignored like so:

$ip = array("",""); // IP addresses that Mint should ignore

Save & Upload
That is it! Fairly easy if you know where to look, and remember, this only works with the Advanced Method!