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Mint Recent Referrers Widget

Posted 13 May 2006 in by Sam Brown -

At last! A fantastic widget has been released that does what we have all been waiting for… a Recent Referrers Widget for OSX Dashboard! Created by Stuart from 36 Degrees.

Recent Referrers Widget

If you are like me, and find yourself constantly reloading your mint installation to see where your visitors are coming from, and you use mac osx, this is for you. The widget displays a list of the ten most recent referrals to your site. It shows not only the site the visitor came from, but where on that site they came from, and where on your site they arrived. This is all tracked in the background, and updated at a frequency of your choosing.

Stuarts Recent Referrers Widget will cost you a mere $5, well worth it considering the amount of time and effort that has been put into this Widget!

Set up is a breeze, you simply need to copy the RSS feed url from your Newest Unique referrers tab and paste it into the back of the Widget.. you can even add multiple Mint RSS feeds to the Widget too!

Recent Referrer Widget

Posted 12 November 2005 in by admin -

Finny from the Mint Forums has released a Recent Referrer Widget for Konfabulator.

The widget displays your Visits, and Uniques as well as the top 10 Referrers to your website, updating automatically every 10 minutes.