Peppermint Tea

Mint Commands

There are several scripts built in to Mint to help you, mostly troubleshooting your problems but there are some useful others. Here are some of the ones that we know about.


New in Mint v1.24 adding this to the end of any of your websites URLs (not just /mint/) and instead of silently recording the visit Mint will redirect to a debug/benchmark of the recorded hit. If you are ignoring your own visits this will not work.


Displays Mints Processing Benchmarks. Useful if your Mint is taking a long time to load, this will help you narrow down the process or Pepper that is taking the longest time to load.


Sets the error reporting level to E_ALL.


Tests gateway connectivity.


Sets an “Ignore my visits” cookie.


Allows you to import aggregate Total/Unique Visits from another Mint installation into your current Mint installation.


Toggles the MintLiveDebug cookie (when live debugging every page acts as if #Mint:Debug appears in the url).


Is the query command to remap the installVars after moving Mint to a new location on the server.


Helps simplify troubleshooting on remote installs.


This reveals database info and other infrequently modified, occasionally difficult to understand, and often mis-configured preferences.


Will repair Pepper data that was previously said to be beyond repair.


Allows you to manually edit your Past Year Visits data.


Visits replaces ?tweak as a more robust and powerful way to edit your Visits, you had better know what you are doing!

32-bit or 64-bit architecture?

If you hover over the version number in the footer of your Mint install, the tooltip will appear and let you know what architecture your Mint install is running on. For example here at Peppermint Tea hovering over the version number shows Mint (v126 on 32).


Takes you to the Peppermill where it checks if your Mint version and Pepper versions are up to date.

Easter Eggs

Original Easter Egg

On your keyboard:
↑↑ ↓↓ ←→ ←→ b a

Easter Egg #2 (Mint 2 Only – Mintman)

Once logged into Mint press on your keyboard:
↓ R ↑ L Y B

iPhone Only Easter Egg

Have you visited the iPhone Pepper Preferences from your iPhone?