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Latest versions of your favourite Pepper.

Confirmed Mint 2.0 Pepper

  • Behavior v1.01
    Tracks ajax/javascript events that occur between page loads.
  • Blog Comments v2.04
    Display your latest blog comments within Mint.
  • Countertop v1.00
    Display the number of rows in a database table.
  • Crawlers v0.7
    Tracks web crawlers and robots that visit your site.
  • Download Counter v1.3
    Does pretty much what it says. Counts downloads.
  • Downloads v2.11
    Pepper that tracks file requests.
  • Durations v1.04
    Displays the duration of your visitors stay on your site.
  • Feedburner Stats v1.02
    Displays Feedburner feed statistics within Mint.
  • GeoMint v0.53
    Uses IP Addresses to track geographical locations.
  • Growl Pepper v1.1
    Sends Website Notifications via Growl to your Mac.
  • Link Spice v2.0
    Allows you to tag your links with campaigns and terms.
  • Locations v2.3
    Shows what country users are from via IP Address.
  • MySpace v1.0
    Track who is visiting your MySpace account.
  • Nametags v0.32
    Tag users via IP Address or Cookie.
  • Notification v1.0
    Sends an email when a specified criteria is met.
  • Outclicks v1.14
    Tracks where your visitors go when they leave.
  • Pathstats v2.1
    Tracks how your visitors get to your site and where they go.
  • Parsel v1.02
    Shows the primary browser language and number of hits.
  • Prank v1.03
    Displays the Pagerank for each of the top popular pages.
  • QuickTime Check v1.4
    Displays how many people have QuickTime installed.
  • Trends v3.04
    Analyzes your websites usage over a set period of time.

Mint 1.x Pepper

  • Adsense Click v1.01
    Tracks GoogleAds Unit Number, Size and Page clicked on.
  • DLoads v0.74
    Count downloads of files in a specified folder.
  • Download Counter v1.2
    Counts your downloads.
  • Downlogs v0.07
    Keep track of your downloads using Apache log files.
  • Error Tracker v1.06
    Enables you to see the HTTP errors that your visitors are receiving.
  • Feedback v0.1
    See how many hits, subscribers and views your feed has.
  • FlashTracker v1.0
    Allows you to track your Flash movies/sites.
  • Fresh View v1.10
    Uses XML-based SVG to visualize your Mint visitor data.
  • Funnel v0.01
    Track what percentage of users succesfully navigate through a gateway.
  • iusethis v1.0
    Displays the i use this count from
  • Location Mint v1.02b
    Track the geographic location of your users.
  • PCP (Pixelpost Comments Pepper) v0.06
    Displays info on recent comments from your Pixelpost photoblog.
  • Popudaytime v1.01
    Tracks the most popular day and hour of the day.
  • Rails Analyzer v1.01
    Reports on the performance of your Ruby on Rails app.
  • Referrer Aggregator v0.50
    Displays referrers, but seperates websites from search engines.
  • Referrer Filter v0.12
    Filters out referrers by a user inputted URL.
  • Referrer Rollup v121
    Shows the domains of your top referrers.
  • RSS Aggregator v0.91
    Read and control multiple RSS Feeds from within Mint.
  • Session Tracker v0.96
    Watch each visitor as they navigate through your site.
  • Sparks! v91
    Sparks! visualizes your visitor data in neat graphs.
  • Technorati v0.01
    Uses the Technorati API to help track who is blogging your site.
  • User Agent Pies v120
    Displays pie charts based on the UA007 Pepper.
  • ViGraph v1.0
    Shows your weekly and unique visitors as a nice graphic.
  • XXX Strong Mint v2.21
    Displays your visitors IP Addresses.

Pepper Developers

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