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Clearmint Ice Style for Mint 2

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Rusty Mitchell has created a modified version of Astereo’s Clearmint Style for Mint 2 called Clearmint Ice, which has some great changes as well as a new cyan colour.

Clearmint Style

Download | Screenshot

Clearmint Style for Mint 2

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Astereo has released a new style for Mint, Clearmint.

Introducing Clearmint, a fresh, white experience for your favorite stats script.

Clearmint Style

Download | Screenshot

Custom Styles and changes for Mint v2.03

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In Mint v2.03 Shaun has moved the /styles/ folder to the root Mint folder. This makes updating Mint in the future a lot easier, especially if you are using a custom style. (They will no longer be overwritten on update.)

Once you have updated to Mint v2.03, you will need to re-upload any custom styles you were using.

I have updated both of my styles for Mint v2.03.

If you come across any horrible display problems with other custom styles it will more than likely be because the location of the base.css file changed in this update. If you open the corresponding style.css file and edit the DEFAULT POSITIONING line to point to:

@import url("../../app/styles/base.css");

This should fix any problems caused by upgrading to Mint v2.03.

Pepper Mint Style for Mint 2

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This is the second Style I have created for Mint 2. There was a request in the Forums for a style that looked like the Preferences screen in Mint, I also love the look of the Preferences and thought I would create such a style.

Pepper Mint Style

Download link and Screenshot are below, simply upload the /pepper_mint/ folder to your /mint/app/styles/ folder and select it within the Preferences! That’s it!

Version 1.00
Initial release – February 15th 2007.
Version 1.01
Fixed several CSS Bugs (Primarly: keys in the Graphs were white text on white background) – February 18th 2007.
Version 1.02
Fixed @import location of base.css file after the /styles/ move in Mint v2.03.
Version 1.03
Added the the Search Button to the images folder that is used by the Secret Crush Pepper.

Download | Screenshot

Apple Red Style for Mint

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Daniel Peters has created an Apple Red Style for Mint.

Download | Screenshot